Why Choose Us (Crystal Oyen School in Gbagada)?

First and foremost, As a Christian school ­– you should choose Crystal Oyen School in Gbagada, Lagos to helps unravel the God-given inner creative potentials of the child. Indeed, this is done through positive role modeling.

Peace of Mind  at Crystal Oyen School in Gbagada?

f you are still thinking why Crystal Oyen School Us in Gbagada? Certainly, this will become evident the minute you enter our warm, safe facility, and speak with our staff. Furthermore, you will simply feel good about leaving your children with us.

Moreover, you will get a Wide Range of Programs for Your Children – We’re a complete childcare and preschool facility. To enumerate this, we provide top-notch childcare, education, and fun for children. Especially for ages six weeks to 5 years old and even above.

The Best People As A Reason for Chosen Crystal Oyen School in Gbagada

Some of our professional staff have been in the business of daycare and child education for many years. Consequently, our personnel are university-degree holders and master’s degree holders, with sound tested Christian background.

In the same way, our staff are thoroughly trained for emergencies, holding regular mock drills, and also trained in First Aid and recognition of Communicable Diseases and signs of child abuse.

Proven Curriculum

In addition to Why Crystal Oyen School Us in Gbagada? We follow a Creative Curriculum guided with sound Christian virtues.

Fun and Engaging at Crystal Oyen School in Gbagada?

Besides, children love spending time here. Young minds are encouraged and nurtured with a variety of enjoyable programs and activities.

Crystal Oyen School curriculum and extra curriculum is development based, and its programs are three folds:

Creche:- For infants and children 3months to 1years and 6 months.
Pre-School:- For ages 1 to 3 years old children.
Nursery:- For ages 3 to 5 years old children.
After School

The creche and kindergarten classes are full curriculums based on the Montessori principles and methods.

Research has shown that the Montessori principle and method works well with children, aiding learning and development to enable them achieve their full potential.