Crystal Oyen School Creche Classes in Gbagada: Crystal Oyen School Crèche program promotes the use of hands-on exploration. Furthermore, we also use social interaction to help our child learn about the world in a safe and engaging environment.

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Our Early Preschool program grooms the “Pre-schooler” physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively. This is done for the 21st century environment. Therefore, we prepare them for the future.

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The curriculum for this age group promotes experiences. Thus, children’s thinking moves from the simple to the complex state. Likewise, from the concrete to the abstract.

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The Afterschool sessions are designed to assist children with homework. Such as training in cases applicable. We also help with minding till pick up time.
The Afterschool runs from 3pm – 6pm Mondays through Fridays.

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Crystal Oyen School Classes in Gbagada Facilities

Our Facilities

In this case, Crystal Oyen School classes are brightly decorated and also inviting. They are also welcoming to children. Infact, each item is specifically equipped for each age group.

Our toys and equipment are age-related. We also designed them to enable our children participate in a wide variety of play experiences. Subsequently, this aid the child's development - physical, social, emotional and intellectual.